On a warm June evening in 1959, Ray and Daisy Cook and their five children were asleep in their beds when evil came calling. Three days later, RCMP came across the family's grisly remains. They had been brutally murdered and coldly stuffed into a grease pit in the garage of their Stettler, Alberta home. The crime shocked and appalled Albertans.

Suspicion immediately fell upon Robert Raymond Cook, son of the murdered Raymond Cook. He is subsequently charged with Capital Murder. Cook maintained he had nothing to do with the crime and claims absolute innocence.

At trial, the evidence presented against Cook is all circumstantial. Nothing connected him directly to the murders, and some of it just did not add up. Despite that, Robert Cook is found guilty and sentenced to death. Robert Raymond Cook was executed at the Fort Saskatchewan Jail on November 15, 1960-the last man in Alberta to hang. He went to his death vehemently insisting he was innocent.

To this day questions of Robert Cook's guilt and the justification of his execution are debated. Immerse yourself in the enthralling tale of Robert Raymond Cook, Alberta's worst mass murder, and the province's last execution. Decide for yourself if Robert Cook was guilty and if the use of Capital Punishment was indeed justifiable.


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